VREL Echo Arena League Rules

Participants must adhere to the Code of Conduct, Player Eligibility, and Sportsmanlike conduct while competing with VREL in addition to game specific rules.

  1. No cheating of any kind, including but not limited to exploits in-game, hardware manipulation, or any external software to gain an advantage.
    1. Any exploits recorded, such as half-cycles, nebula trains, stremming, headbutt glitch, etc., shall result in a forfeit and/or ban, depending on the frequency and severity of the violation.
  2. Playspace abuse or other means of gaining an unintentional speed boost or other unintended player model movement is not permitted.
    1. Players must contain all movements within 5 ft / 1.5 m; any walking distance used in-game must not exceed this distance. 
  3. Players are responsible for having a good connection to the game servers. Ping should consistently be below 150. Intentionally causing lag or high ping will count as an offense. Teams can be investigated and potentially penalized if regular occurrences of teleportation results in an unfair advantage.
  4. No impersonation. You may not pretend to be someone else, including devs, staff, or other players.
  1. Casters – VREL has exclusive rights to coverage of VREL matches. VREL can grant permission to others, but arrangements must be made and granted in writing.
  2. Players – Staff will contact players if VREL plans to broadcast one of their matches. It is the players’ responsibility to ensure casters have access to the match, and they must maintain appropriate communication with casters.
  3. Streaming – If the casting team doesn’t reach out to players about broadcasting, players may arrange their broadcasts or stream matches to their preferred social media platform.
    1. Streaming should be done in POV mode as an active player only.
      In the case of using the actual Spectator mode, this needs to be discussed and confirmed by both teams in writing in the match thread within the VREL server.
  4. Spectators – Spectators should include only casters approved by the league, referees, and Spectator Client(ex spark bot).
    1. Spectators may not engage in a VREL match in any way. They can not leave the spectator mode, communicate with any team member in a game, or take any other action that could affect the game.
      1. Unauthorized spectators/bots recorded in a match, despite disapproval of the opposite team will result in a forfeit for the offending team.
    2. If an illegal spectator is noticed, teams must take immediate action and pause/restart the match. Lack of effort will imply acceptance of the spectator and will not affect the game’s outcome.
    3. Recordings of matches are allowed and highly recommended as recordings are used as evidence in disputes; however, captains must obtain both teams’ approval in writing before posting to any social media.
      1. Examples of social media include but are not limited to: Youtube, Twitch, Tik Tok, etc.
  1. Players
    1. In-game comms only, no party, discord, or similar communication while in a match.
  2. Support
    1. Players should submit a ticket through Discord if they need assistance.
    2. Players should only submit one ticket at a time and not abuse the ticket tool.
    3. Tickets regarding In-Game issues or otherwise requiring the eye of a game referee are not to be filed during the match, as to not uphold the match in progress.
  3. Reports
    1. Players should submit reports through the ticket tool on Discord.
    2. Teams should submit reports within 48 hours of the incident. 
  4. Decisions
    1. VREL staff decisions are final. Do not argue with or create drama over decisions. Doing so could affect your ability to continue within the league.
  5. Appeals
    1. Players can appeal decisions, but players should respect the decision once a decision on appeals has been made. In case a player is banned from the discord and is not able to open a ticket, they can reach out through [email protected]
  1. Submit scores via the VREL website.
  2. Teams must submit the initial scores before the deadline of the corresponding play week. This means 12pm EST for the Americas region, 11am BST for Europe, and 12pm WST for the OCE/Asia region.
  3. If scores are not submitted in the required time frame, the match will result in a loss for the non-reporting team or a double forfeit for mutually non-reported games.
  4. It is your responsibility to understand how to report scores. Suppose the opposing team has submitted an incorrect score; In this case, captains must open a ticket within the first 26 hours after score submission. Once this timeframe has passed, scores are final and may not be disputed.
    1. Teams MUST issue disputes of scores with proof of alternate scores. (i.e., screenshot or video proof).
  1. Teams must play games in private match lobbies with the following predetermined settings.
    1. Terminal Page 1
      1. Minutes: 10:00
      2. Seconds: 00:00
      3. Blue Score: 0
      4. Orange Score: 0
    2. Terminal Page 2
      1. Disc Location: MID
      2. Goal Stop Time: False
      3. Respawn Time: 00:03
      4. Catapult Time: 00:12
    3. Terminal Page 3
      1. Round Count: 3
      2. Rounds Played: Best Of
      3. Round Wait Time: 00:59
      4. Carry Points Over: False
    4. Terminal Page
      1. Blue Rounds Won: 0
      2. Orange Rounds Won: 0
      3. Overtime: Round End
      4. Standard Chassis: False, unless one or both sides express their wishes for it to be true during the scheduling process.
    5. Terminal Page 5
      1. Mercy Enabled: True
      2. Mercy Score Diff: 20
      3. Team Only Voice: True
      4. Disc Curve: False
    6. Terminal Page 6
      1. Self-Goaling: True
      2. Goalie Ping Adv: False
  2. Games lobbies should have only (currently playing) team members and any designated casters (which must remain in spectate for the game’s entirety).
  3. Server chosen must be in the appropriate region of the teams playing.
  4. Matches must begin no later than 15 minutes after the designated start time.
    1. Players added during the scheduled match time are excluded from playing said match. The 15 minute grace period is not to be used for roster changes, however can be used to call in an alternative player already on the roster before match time.
  5. Matches may have only one 5-minute pause per team for technical difficulties. At this time, the game lobby may contain an additional player of the pausing team as a (potential) replacement for the player experiencing difficulties. This may include but is not limited to tracking issues, connection loss & microphone problems. The 5th player (replacement or difficulty) must leave the lobby before un-pausing.
  1. Teams should request a postponement at least one hour before the start of the match. After that point, the match will either proceed as planned or result in a forfeit for the team requesting the postponement.
    If postponement is agreed upon, it should be scheduled within the same week of the originally planned match.
  2. Cancellations should be brought to the other team’s attention 26 hours before the match. Cancellations after this period will result in a forfeit of the match.
  3. Servers will be chosen based on the mutual ping of both teams. Agreements must be made between captains (or representing players) before the start of the match.
    1. The exception to this rule is for teams in Asia and Oceania. Teams will play matches in a Singapore server when both regions are involved. However, with the agreement of both teams in writing within the VREL Discord, teams may play them on NA West servers.
  4. Scheduling:
    4.1 Teams are now required to have matches scheduled by Midnight UTC on Friday of the round to be played.
    4.2 Teams must show availability on 2 days of the week (reasonable to the time zone of another team) to be considered as discussing in “good faith” to schedule a match. This is a minimum standard and DOES NOT eliminate the possibility of your team being forfeited upon staff determination if a compromise still can not be reached.
    4.3 Matches can be played below the player limit if necessary (4v4, 3v3 etc) and both teams agree to it!
    4.4 League staff is here to assist with any concerns or questions but it is not the leagues responsibility to schedule match ups for teams. Once again, No team is expected to have to play midnight or later in their time zone unless they choose to. Teams found to consistently create unreasonable scheduling issues among others will be warned and further penalties possibly enforced if issues persist


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