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Cool vrml team and uhh we here for fun (:

simplist1c: every game he will only improve 

chivitas12leones: Oh yea he is back baby

Epic_Evo: says he is not a goalie just his fav position but still saves a 18 m/s shot 

RoeJogan092: Him

101- : The goofy guy

Crispy2Waffls: The goalie also madddddddd goooooofy


Goal celebrations

Simplist1c: continues to jump up admitting to sins what a weirdo smh

Epic_Evo: Does the Squeakiest scream ill ever hear

Crispy2Waffls: yay thats kinda what he says  bc he mad goofy

101- : Hypes us up baby!!

RoeJogan092: He is the reason we celebrate bc he is Him 

Chivitas12leones: Screams that simp is a albino monkey

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