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VREL Ligaen Pavlov League Rules

Participants must adhere to the Code of Conduct, Player Eligibility, and Sportsmanlike conduct while competing with VREL in addition to game specific rules.

  1. No cheating of any kind. This includes but is not limited to exploits in-game, hardware manipulation or any external software to gain an advantage.
  2. The 50cal, AWP and Hunting Rifle scopes must stay default and may not be adjusted.
  3. Using unintended map bugs/geometry will count as exploiting. If a player suspects they found a bug/exploit with a spot or location of a map, they are to report it to the VREL staff. Failure to do so and abusing any map bugs will count as exploiting. It’s the team captain’s responsibility to inform their players of known map bugs and issues. Depending on the incident Captains may also be held responsible for offences.
  4. The usage of playspace movers/adjusters to gain an advantage is not permitted. Staff reserves the right to take action against playspace abuse not specified here.
    1. Playspace abuse or other means of gaining an unintentional speed boost or other unintended player model movement is not permitted.
    2. No going prone or crouching in such a way that it gives you an unfair advantage (i.e. using prone to intentionally see beyond geometry like a wall or barrier). Keep your sightline approximately the same as the playermodel.
    3. Intentionally backing up into walls to hide the player body counts as exploiting and is not allowed.
  5. Players are responsible for having a good connection to the game servers when playing. Intentionally causing lag and/or high ping will count as an offence. Teams may be investigated and potentially penalised if regular occurrences of teleportation results in an unfair advantage.
    1. No VPN/proxies or any other networking tools that may alter a player’s connection.
  6. No impersonation. You may not pretend to be someone else, including devs, staff, or other players.
  7. No stream sniping or use of intel gathered outside of matches to gain an advantage.
  8. VREL staff may request a player to stream if they have reasonable suspicion of foul play.
  1. Casters – VREL has exclusive rights to coverage of VREL matches. VREL can grant permission to others, but arrangements must be made and granted in writing.
  2. Players – Players will be contacted if VREL plans to broadcast one of their matches. It is the players’ responsibility to make sure casters have access to the match and players must maintain appropriate communication with casters.
  3. Streaming/Recording – Streaming or recording matches encouraged and recommended as at least one recording must be provided which can be used in the case of a dispute.
  1. Players
    1. Players should be muted in game and use Discord to communicate with each other.
    2. No use of soundboards or other 3rd party applications to playback audio.
  2. Support
    1. Players should submit a ticket through Discord if they need assistance.
    2. Players should only submit one ticket per issue/report at a time and not abuse the ticket tool.
  3. Reports
    1. Players should submit reports through the ticket tool on Discord.
    2. Teams should submit reports within 48 hours of the incident.
  4. Decisions
    1. VREL staff decisions are final. Do not argue with or create drama over decisions. This could affect your ability to continue within the league.
  5. Appeals
    1. Players can appeal decisions, but once a decision on appeals has been made, players should respect the decision. In case a player is banned from the discord and is not able to open a ticket, they can reach out through [email protected]
  1. Submit scores via the VREL website.
  2. Scores must be submitted within 24 hours after the match.
  3. If scores are not submitted in the required time frame, then the match will result in a loss for the non-reporting team.
  4. It is your responsibility to understand how to correctly report and accept scores. Once scores have been submitted and approved, you may not dispute them.
  1. Games must be played in SND in with competitive mode enabled.
  2. Games lobbies should be locked and passwords shared between team captains and players.
  3. Server region must be chosen as per the active Event ruling.
  4. Matches must begin no later than 15 minutes after designated start time.
  5. Teams must play with the assigned maps.
  6. Teams must play on Pavlov servers. Community servers are not allowed for league matches.
  7. During a match, the only players allowed on Discord voice chat are players within that team. Any team members not currently playing can be in the same Discord voice, but may not communicate with players during match and must remain muted. A coach may talk to their team BETWEEN maps but must be muted at the start of the map.
  8. A team must be able to provide at least one recording of the played match for up to two weeks.
  1. Pavlov is intended to be played as a 5v5 match. As such, a match may only be played 5v4 if the team that has 5 players agrees to it.
  2. Teams are allowed 2 “pushes” per season. A push can be used for any reason.
  3. A push should be requested and VREL Pavlov staff informed at least one hour prior to the start of the match. After that point, matches will proceed or result in a forfeit for the team requiring the push.
  • Home team is determined by the team with the higher rating.
  • Cross region matches are to be played as follows:

    Servers should be picked as following:
    NA vs. EU: EU or NA east/central
    APAC vs. EU/NA: NA West/central

    • Home team bans a map
    • Away team bans a map
    • Map 1
      • Away picks server
      • Home picks map
      • Away picks side
    • Map 2
      • Home picks server
      • Away picks map
      • Home picks side
    • Map 3
      • Away picks serve
      • Home picks map
      • Away picks side

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