The Arena Wolves

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Winners of the first NCT season




TheLegendaryDino: Captain and Frontstack, “The Foundations”, created the team (but made zushi main roster in s3, and co-cap, what a pineapple), hardcarry in Rocket League (is he though?), called Dino but has a Wolf as a pfp everyway (weird), never game me my 25 quid from the NCT ~esxx



Wilfredr: Co-Captain, backstack and goalie, chubby mr. beast, Rocket League addict, used his £25 from the Shade Tourny for some maccies, screams at esxx when he is being a dickhead, Accountant mode activated, is secretly Hispanic, “The Floorboards”



MartinThe3rd: Backstack and strategic mastermind, still don’t know how he doesn’t hit his TV every once in a while, Ikea Man, his drinking shivers me timbers, Masters Guide goated – everyone should watch it –



esxx_: Frontstack, (not great at it – Dino) “MY TRACKING”, is usually either drunk or asleep during matches, VRML Social Media guy, does most of the scheduling, esxx in mid???, left and joined the team like 200 times, played for Quackheads = old guy, Spectator Mode, founding father of the esxx classic.

Top 1% of all rocket league players (in plat 1)




We mourn the passing of Antonio Butler United Kingdom, he will be missed, but never forgotten.

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