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We are a humble team who like to have fun and compete againts other teams!
All are welcome to join as we accept any skill of player! 

We have a discord that all players are welocome to join. Its a place for you all to look for other players to play different teams, set up scrims with us, and also for just getting others online to play together. We ask you to please follow and respect our rules! 
Breaking any rules within VREL or within my discord at the OneUnit could result in you being off the team and removed from OneUnit discord. 
If you want to check out any of the content of what we play and do then check out my Twitch here
and to join our discord click here

Thank you for your love and support! 

Match stats
  • 12 won

  • 5 tied

  • 7 lost

  • 6 forfeit

Map rounds stats
  • img Arctic

    2 won
    1 tied
    2 lost
    3 forfeit
  • img Factory

    3 won
    2 tied
    6 lost
    3 forfeit
  • img Hideout

    11 won
    2 tied
    3 lost
    2 forfeit
  • img Killhouse

    0 won
    0 tied
    0 lost
    0 forfeit
  • img Ship

    1 won
    0 tied
    1 lost
    1 forfeit
  • img Skyscraper

    11 won
    1 tied
    3 lost
    3 forfeit


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