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Welcome to the profile page of the German Breachers team, ÆTHIC! We are a group of dedicated players who enjoy playing the tactical first-person shooter game, Breachers.

Our team is composed of players who continuously work on improving their skills and knowledge of the game. With our shared passion for the game and strong determination, we are prepared to face challenging opponents.

As a Breachers team, we value strategic gameplay. Our focus is on coordinated attacks to catch our opponents off guard and gain tactical advantages.

Our goal is to establish ourselves in the competitive Breachers scene and strive for constant improvement. We are motivated to enhance our teamwork and individual skills to compete against other skilled teams.

Match stats
  • 3 won

  • 2 tied

  • 5 lost

  • 2 forfeit

Map rounds stats
  • img Factory

    2 won
    1 tied
    3 lost
    1 forfeit
  • img Hideout

    3 won
    0 tied
    5 lost
    1 forfeit
  • img Killhouse

    0 won
    0 tied
    0 lost
    0 forfeit
  • img Skyscraper

    1 won
    1 tied
    4 lost
    2 forfeit


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