Wands Invitational 2022. – Playoffs finals – Wand slinging slashers vs Crystal Wolves

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Wands: Alliances 3v3 Sabotage – 2 day single elimination tournament
Day 1 – Saturday December 3rd, matches must be played and completed within 11:00am EST through 5:00pm EST.

Round 1 matches must begin between 11:00 am EST and 12:00pm EST
Round 2 matches must begin between 1:00 pm EST and 2:00pm EST
Round 3 matches must begin between 3:00pm EST and 4:00pm EST


Home team will be whichever team is seated higher in the bracket.

Home team will choose sides on map 1, away team will choose sides on map 2.

Scores are entered as the total round scores per map

Playoffs finals game

match maps

  • map_img


  • map_img

    The Gateway




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