VREL.gg Clone Wars mod Season 1 – Round 7 – Shadow Commandos Grey Team vs Vulptex Guardians

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  1. Base classes allowed.
  2. No picking up weapons.
  3. No elites allowed.
  4. 1 hero per team allowed.
  5. No healing heroes at all.
  6. Med droids banned.
  7. Speeders allowed, however no 2 man speeder for clones and no using it to get to unreachable/unattainable spots. This includes leaving map boundaries.
  8. No glitches, exploits to be used.
  9. Team cap is 14.
  10. On rule breaks a point penalty will be applied on each occasion rules are broken. If a team won but their points are reduced to 0 or less after point deductions then they can count that match as a loss.
  11. 2 Maps will be assigned by the league system each week.
  12. If teams are are from different time zones (servers), teams will swap servers each round.
    -Home Team hosts server for map 1, Away team selects starting side.
    -Away team selects server for map 2, Home team selects starting side.
  13. Domination game mode must be used

Point deductions:
20 points – Each kill using a picked up weapon
30 points – spawning an elite/ each kill with an elite
30 points – each kill you get from an unattainable spot/out of bounds spot (speeder)
30 points – riding 2 man speeder (each time)
50 points – each time you heal a hero/spawning med droid
50 points – each kill you get as a 2nd hero
50 points – each kill gained by using exploits/glitches

Round 7 game

match maps

  • map_img

    Kashyyk Gardens

    0:0 0:0
  • map_img

    Chancellors Office

    0:0 0:0



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