VREL Onward League Rules

Participants must adhere to the Code of Conduct, Player Eligibility, and Sportsmanlike conduct while competing with VREL in addition to game specific rules.

  1. Home team will host first. Away team starts on Volk.
  2. Games will be 5v5 in the Uplink game mode.
  3. Challenge must be set to Competitive
  4. VR Spectating must be disabled
  5. Round Timer must be set to 5 minutes
  6. Allow Casters must be set to No, unless a caster is assigned or directed otherwise by VREL staff.
  7. Players must have any custom maps in the map pool downloaded before match.
  8. Teams are responsible for scheduling their matches.
  9. Matches are best of 3 maps.
    1. First to 4 points on each map.
    2. If a team wins the first 2 maps, the 3rd map is not required.
    3. Re-host is required each map. Home hosts 1st and 3rd Map. Away Hosts 2nd Map.
  10. Maps are to be played in order. (As listed or announced for that week).
  11. Matches must begin within 10 minutes of scheduled time. Teams may take no longer than 10 minutes when switching hosts.
  12. After the first round of each map, each round should start no later than 90 seconds after the conclusion of the prior round.
  13. Teams are allowed two 8 min timeouts per match. Timeout may not be taken until the second round of the first map. No more than 1 timeout per map
  1. Matches and maps will be announced prior to the week they are scheduled to occur.
  2. Teams must play their matches during the week that they are scheduled to play.
  3. Having a player use someone else’s account without prior consent from League officials will result in a forfeit.
  4. The website team rosters must be accurate prior to start of matches and players must use their own accounts.
  5. If a team does not show up within 10 mins of schedules start time, then that team forfeits.
  6. If a team has less than 5 players but at least 4, Then the match can continue.
  7. In matches not being officially cast by VREL, teams may mutually agree to extend wait times to complete matches without penalties. Teams are encouraged to retain a record of such agreements to avoid potential disputes.
  8. Multiple forfeits due to personnel issues may result in team suspension, disbandment or ban from league activities.
  1. All players are required to record their pov during matches.
  2. If a complaint is lodged about cheating, exploits, or behavior; recordings will be used in the investigative process.
  3. All recorded footage shall be kept for at least 2 weeks from the conclusion of the match.
  1. Jiggle peeking is banned. “See video Reference
    Jiggle peeking is using any method , to repeatedly peek a corner or object at fast speeds to gain info or bait an enemy shot. This includes gun up quick peeks.This action is prohibited by any means. This includes normal joystick movement, spinning in circles, playspace movement, exploiting snapturn or any other methods. Players may quick peek corners or objects once only. Gun must be completely up to peek a corner immediately after. Otherwise 3 seconds must pass before they can quickpeek the same corner again.
  2. Speed strafing by any method is banned. Players may not swing/manipulate their body or equipment in a way meant to exploit the speed limitations of the game.
  3. Any modification of the game or its code which has not been expressly permitted by these rules or a league representative.
  4. Going outside of map boundaries is forbidden.
  5. No physical positioning that would cause the player model to be out of alignment with the player’s physical position.
  6. No Deliberate Clipping to hide more than half your body inside a solid object in game (rough limit of 50% of one’s body shouldn’t be clipped in a geometry);
  7. No Peeking through solid floors or walls
  8. Modifying gamma to change the visual aesthetics of the game
  9. No muting Microphones or using push-to-talk ingame.
  10. No kicking a teammate from the game to gain a situational advantage.
  11. No Self-downing or downing a teammate (or have a teammate down one-self), intentionally to gain an advantage. Using the give up function to prevent hacking is also prohibited. (Suicide attacks are permitted).
  12. While downed, no using in-playspace movement in combination with stick-based movement, snap turns etc. to change your in-game position.
  13. Player height calibration must match a player’s actual height to an extent that does not impede character model behavior or interaction of character model with map elements.
  14. Using the recentering option to enter to part of the maps/walls that you may not reach with only stick use, is prohibited
  15. Exploiting the “snap turn” feature to gain a speed advantage is not allowed. Snap turn of 15 to 30 degrees only
  16. Shooting an opposing player whose body is clipping through a floor/ceiling.
  17. Using a drone or C4 that is clipped through or is otherwise hidden inside an object on the map.
  18. Host may not pass or cause the Host to be passed, while dead in the tent to a living teammate for the purpose of giving that teammate an advantage.
  19. Any use of external audio or text communication systems (except to declare a bug or technical issue).
  20. Desktop or Third Party VR applications/overlays that affects gameplay mechanics or aesthetics (Personal system diagnostic/monitoring overlays are allowed, as long as they do not affect previously stated mechanics or aesthetics).
  21. Use of Hotspot,VPN, or any other network manipulation
  22. Use of a modified/jail broken headset or exploit mods will be considered hacking.
  23. Violations of Cheats and Exploit policy will typically be subject, but not limited to the following penalties:
    1st offense: week suspension
    2nd offense: 3 months suspension
    3rd offense: League ban
  24. Teams in which multiple players are violating these policies, or other particularly egregious instances of cheating, may be subject to escalated penalties.
  25. League administrators reserve the right to assess blatant use of any clearly unintended game behavior as exploits. Evidence of unspecified exploits must be clear and convincing.
  1. Volk Drones – Banned
  2. Green and Red smokes – banned.
  3. M203 Smoke/Frag – unrestricted use on all maps
  4. Marsoc Drones and RPG’s – allowed on Downfall, Quarantine, Snowpeak, Abandoned only
  5. Shields – Shield users may not shoot while either holding the shield or using it for cover while it is standing. Shields must be holstered on the player’s back or fully released laying flat on the ground before firing. Other players may shoot freely while following the shield user.
  6. Marsoc Tablets – May not be raised more than 6 feet off the ground in order to capture an objective that is located above your head, EXCEPT: On Suburbia, you can send the Uplink code in the middle mansion obj, only if you have both feet on the stairs. On Abandoned, you can send the uplink code from underneath in the trench on the tank depot obj.
  1. No place should be accessed which requires real world movement (moving in your playspace).
  2. Excessively unrealistic locations such as invisible ledges along sides of buildings are also prohibited.
  3. Intentionally clipping inside the no-collision bushes on Suburbia with head or more than 50% of body is prohibited. Running through them is allowed.
  4. Downfall – It is not allowed to enter the cockpit of the helicopter
  5. Quarantine – It’s not allowed to get up onto the fuselage from the south by moving along an invisible ledge from east to west, then popping up.
  1. The native reset function may be used to reset a round for technical issues. Abuse of this feature to gain an ingame advantage may result in round forfeit. 4 player minimum still applies.
  2. When technical difficulties cannot be resolved mid-match and no registered alternates are available, play must continue with present players or the team will forfeit.
  3. If an entire team or server experiences a disconnect or other unforeseen complication to the extent that their ability to play is significantly hindered for reasons outside their collective control, the round may be replayed on league staff determination if teams are able to display with video evidence the issue.
  1. Please report any suspected incidents of network degradation
  2. VREL Officials can permanently prevent players from creating or hosting lobbies due to a history of network connectivity issues.
  3. If a player is dropped by the lobby for network degradation more than three times during one match, They’re removal can be requested by the opponent. Teams must comply
  4. If more than 3 drops by multiple players occur in the same match. A lobby rehost can be requested.
  5. If it is found that the network health of a player had a direct effect on the outcome of a match. VREL Officials may overturn round or match results
  6. Players with multiple verified network degradation issues, will be required to improve their network connectivity and provide evidence of network performance stability during all VREL Matches.


Examples of network degradation

  1. Repeated extended player trades of more than 1,000ms after killing the same opponent.
  2. Smoothing or Teleporting rapidly more than roughly 3 feet (1 meter) three or more times in a match.
  3. Shooting a player more than six times with a rifle, eight times with a pistol, or in the head three or more times without killing them. Known as “Bullet Sponge”

Home Team = Challenger
Away Team = Challenged

Before a challenge match begins, home team may choose to ban 4 maps from the current season map pool. Home team can choose to forego bans if they wish. When a map is banned, all of its variants are also considered banned,  this includes night versions.  Away team picks 3 maps from the remaining pool, to submit on the website if they accept the challenge.

When a challenge is accepted and match is created, matches will follow the same requirements and restrictions as a standard league match.


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