VREL Creed VR League Rules

Participants must adhere to the Code of Conduct, Player Eligibility, and Sportsmanlike conduct while competing with VREL in addition to game specific rules.

Fair Play Commitment:
This league is about boxing, not exploiting glitches or spamming. If that’s your game, find another ring!

Referee Authority:
Referees have the final say, PERIOD. Spamming, exploiting – if the refs catch you, you’re OUT! DQ from the match, possibly the season… and repeated violations will see you out of the league until you learn how to fight.

Gameplay Rules:
No Speedbag Strikes (Spamming):
Keep it real with your combos. Refs have the power to DQ if they see excessive spamming.

Real Punches Only:
Hammers are one thing, but no poking around blocks. Refs will use their discretion, and if you cross the line, it’s a DQ.

Standard Blocking (keep em up!):
No funny business. Low block or quick cross guard is ok but Exploiting will lead to an immediate DQ.

No Movement Exploits:
Stick to realistic side-stepping. Anything else, and you risk a DQ.

No Intentional Stalling:
Constantly backing away to dodge engagement? Refs can DQ you for that.

No Circling:
Let’s keep it dynamic and entertaining. Circle? DQ.

Stun Hits:
Up to 2 UNINTENTIONAL hits while opponent is stunned is allowed. Anything beyond might lead to a DQ.

Respectful Conduct:
Treat opponents, refs, and fellow players with respect. Taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated. Act like a professional, or….. you got it! – DQ.

Let’s make this league a showcase of skill, sportsmanship, and most importantly, FUN! Suit up, step into the ring, and may the best fighter RISE TO THE GLORY!

  • Scores are entered as total rounds won
  1. In the instance of a player not loading in correctly or other technical issue, teams may initiate a vote to end the round ONLY if it is within a reasonable time frame and the 1st objective has not yet been activated by either team.
  2. If unreasonable time has elapsed (never to exceed 30 seconds), or 1st objective has been activated, any started round must continue. In game votes of any kind after 1st objective activation or reasonable time frame will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.
  3. If tech issues occur mid round for a player such as disconnect, headset malfunction, comm failure, ect. The player with said issue may rejoin the round if possible, or another registered teammate may take their place if teams elect to do so.
  4. When technical difficulties cannot be resolved mid-match and no registered alternates are available, play must continue with present players or the team will forfeit.
  5. If an entire team or server experiences a disconnect or other unforeseen complication to the extent that their ability to play is significantly hindered for reasons outside their collective control, the round may be replayed upon league staff determination if teams are able to display with video evidence the issue/unplayability.
  1. Teams must play their matches during the week that they are scheduled to play.
  2. Rosters must be posted prior to matches and players must use their own accounts.
  3. Having a player use someone else’s account without prior consent from VREL officials will result in a forfeit.
  4. If a team does not show up then that team forfeits.
  5. If a team has less than 3 players but more than 1, the match can continue.
  6. Teams are now required to have matches scheduled by Midnight UTC on Friday of the round to be played. Players must show availability on 2 days of the week (reasonable to the time zone of another team) to be considered as discussing in “good faith” to schedule a match. This is a minimum standard and DOES NOT eliminate the possibility of your team being forfeited upon staff determination if a compromise still can not be reached. League staff is here to assist with any concerns or questions but it is not the leagues responsibility to schedule match ups for teams. Once again, No team is expected to have to play midnight or later in their time zone unless they choose to. Teams found to consistently create unreasonable scheduling issues among others will be warned and further penalties possibly enforced if issues persist.
  7. In matches not being officially cast by VREL, teams may mutually agree to extend wait times to complete matches without penalties. Teams are encouraged to retain a record of such agreements to avoid potential disputes.
  8. Forfeits due to personnel issues carry the following penalties:
    1st offense: An extra loss assessed to the team’s record in addition to any match result.
    2nd offense: The team will be suspended for no less than one week.
    3rd offense: The team is suspended for the remainder of the season and may be banned indefinitely if they cannot demonstrate an ability to attend matches.
  1. All players are expected to record their matches, and may be required to submit the recording to league officials.
  2. All players are required to record matches. If there is a conflict of reported score, recordings will be used to determine outcome. If no team can supply a video they will both receive a warning and replay the match. If a team violates the recording rule for any reason officials will follow the progressive disciplinary actions that are published.
  3. If a complaint is lodged about cheating, exploits, or behavior; recordings will be used in the investigative process. If proof of the complaint cannot be determined through video evidence, officials can require the accused player to record future matches for any timeframe they deem suitable.
  4. All recorded footage shall be kept for at least one week from the conclusion of the match.
  1. No physical positioning that would cause the player model to be out of alignment with the player’s physical position.
  2. Microphones must never be muted in-game.
  3. Any modification of the game or its code which has not been expressly permitted by these rules or a league representative is prohibited.
  4. Player height calibration must match a players actual height to the extent that does not impede character model behavior or interaction of character model with map elements.
  5. Use of a modified/jail broken headset or exploit mods will be considered hacking.
  6. Violations of cheating and hacking policy will typically be subject to the following penalties:
    1st offense: week suspension
    2nd offense: 3 months suspension
    3rd offense: League ban
  7. Teams in which multiple players are violating these policies, or other particularly egregious instances of cheating, may be subject to escalated penalties.
  8. Players are not allowed to shoot another player as they spawn or on the spot they spawn onto. Players should be careful to not position themselves in a way that allows them intentionally see enemy players spawn. Players caught exploiting spawning positions or killing players as they spawn in will be held accountable and subject to discipline as stated in the league rules including but not limited to potential player suspension or round forfeiture. This rule only applies within designated spawn areas on the map, if a map does not have a designated “return to combat” spawn area then this rule does not apply.
  9. League administrators reserve the right to assess blatant use of any clearly unintended game behavior as exploits. Evidence of unspecified exploits must be clear and convincing.


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